Women entrepreneurs celebrate graduation

December 2, 2023 4:04 pm

Women in Business Founder Dr Nur Bano Ali has emphasized the universality of business, noting that no business is inherently too big or small and every business starts from modest beginnings.

She highlighted this during the Women in Business training graduation ceremony.

The event celebrated 16 women entrepreneurs who successfully completed a 3-day training earlier this year.

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“WE want your businesses to carry on todays small business is tomorrow large business, no business started big it started small.”

Dr. Bano highlighted that age is not a barrier to business success, emphasizing that both young and older individuals can embark on entrepreneurial endeavors.

She underlined that women often initiate businesses in response to specific needs, and encouraged them to focus on the age of their business rather than their own age.

Photography business owner Razia Shubhan and one of the graduates credited the Fiji Business Association for enabling her business expansion.

Another graduate, Suliana Ranavue expressed gratitude for the training received and attributed the revival of her business to the support from the Business Assistance Fiji team.

“The training that we received in April like it enhanced my knowledge of running my business.”

In parallel, Business Assistance Fiji also launched its strategic plan for the upcoming years, marking a significant step in their organizational development.