Wainiyavu students champion education amidst challenges

January 30, 2024 4:43 pm

Wainiyavu students

A mother from Wainiyavu Village in Namosi today shared her commitment to instilling vital life skills to her children through daily household chores.

Recognizing the value of understanding the challenges faced by parents, Ruci Vula believes this will pave the way for their success in both school and life.

Vula’s family resides in her husband’s village, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Navua town.

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Despite the inherent challenges of village life, she is determined to impart the importance of hard work and perseverance to her four school-going children.


Commencing their day at 5am, Vula’s children engage in daily chores before heading off to school. With no internet or phone reception in the village, she finds disciplining her children a bit easier.

[Ruci Vula]

Anisito Takala, one of her sons expressed his enjoyment in assisting his mother before heading to school.

“I wake early in the morning just to help my mother with the household chores and I enjoy doing this.”

Her daughters shoulder responsibilities such as house cleaning, dishwashing and compound maintenance while her only son tends to the garden and assists in preparing firewood before school.

Vula’s husband, a Yaqona and Dalo farmer leaves for the farm as early as 4 am, returning in the afternoon or sometimes late at night.

She takes time to explain the hardships he endures to provide for the family and support their education.

“My children are aware of their responsibilities, I don’t have to tell them over again. They all know who is supposed to do what in and around the house.”

Actively participating in the family farm, Vula stresses the importance of these life lessons, fostering a deep understanding of life’s challenges in her children. Having grown up in the village herself, she desires a different path for her offspring.

“I’m so excited about the start of the new school year and I am sure that my children will do well in school.”

Despite the early morning rush, Vula eagerly prepares her children for school, emphasizing the significance of listening to teachers and adhering to school rules.

The school carrier, transporting nearly 100 students to Wainiyavu Primary School in just five minutes leaves the village at 7:30 am.

Today, parents gathered at the school with some waiting a bit longer as their children sought the comforting presence of their mothers on the first day of school. Vula’s excitement extended to her youngest attending preschool that day.

Upon settling her child into preschool, Vula hurried home to prepare lunch for her children, showcasing the dedication of a Fijian mother determined to provide for her family.

In a village where modern city services are absent, the resilience of students shines through, embodying the spirit of Fijian enthusiasm for education.