Vigilance urged as road fatalities hit record

November 29, 2023 12:51 pm

Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr. Luke Nasedra, emphasises the consequences of overlooking road safety on the health system.

Noting a recent surge in road accidents, Dr. Nasedra urges citizens to prioritize safety on our roads.

With the festive season looming, he acknowledges that it tends to be a busy period for the health system, where preventable incidents, including road accidents, often occur.

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Dr. Nasedra pleads with people to remain vigilant and exercise caution during this time.

“If you drink do not drive, if you drive do not drink. That is the message and for the pedestrian we need to be cautious while on the road and also for the drivers to be more responsible when we are on the road.”

Up until now, an alarming total of 72 lives have been tragically lost on our roads this year, marking a record-high road death toll in the past 15 years.