Tunabuna encourages farmers to expand kava production

February 16, 2024 6:10 am

Fiji has 13 noble varieties of kava verified as suitable for human consumption and excellent for export markets.

This has been highlighted by the Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Tomasi Tunabuna, while officiating at the final day of the Kava Farmers Training in Bukuya Village in the highlands of Ba.

Tunabua is encouraging farmers to advance to the next level of farming and invest in further expanding their programs to help keep Kava varieties and boost the export market.

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“This is very important training, as kava is one of the major commodities for our export markets. We know that this is the only way we can help our Kava business grow, and having this many farmers be part of this training is promising.”

Presentations at the training covered topics such as planting kava, harvesting, setting up, drying and packing sheds, obtaining markets and organic certification, and investing profits.

Tunabuna says the ministry continues to advocate for agricultural growth and encourages the involvement of women and youth in the sector.

A total of 150 farmers and stakeholders attended the final day of the training, with participants traveling from various districts in Ra.