Tree Planting Initiative to assist in biodiversity preservation

May 23, 2024 2:46 pm

[Source: Ministry of Forestry, Fiji/ Facebook]

The Ministry of Forestry in collaboration with the Pacific community organised a significant tree planting initiative in commemoration of International Day for Biodiversity yesterday.

This initiative aims to enhance biodiversity and contribute to ecosystem restoration through the planting of native trees.

The Pacific Community says that initiatives can assist in carbon offset goals.

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The civil society organisation says that the tree planting activity fosters a sense of community among participants.

[Source: Ministry of Forestry, Fiji/ Facebook]

Director of Research and Development at the Ministry of Forestry Alivereti Naikatini, highlights the critical role of trees and plants in maintaining the forest ecosystem and supporting terrestrial biodiversity.

He further elaborated on the significance of Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, noting its dual role as a Mahogany Tree seed reserve and a haven for native biodiversity.

The tree planting event at Colo-i-Suva Forest Park also reinforces the ongoing efforts to promote sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation in Fiji.

The commitment of these organizations to environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation sets a positive example for other communities and emphasizes the vital importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance and supporting life on earth.