Strengthening Fiji’s resilience to disaster risk management

April 9, 2024 4:10 pm

The Fiji National Humanitarian Policy for Disaster Risk Management has been revised to strengthen Fiji’s resilience to emergencies.

This policy aims to foster a holistic, inclusive, and sustainable approach to disaster risk management.

Speaking at the Final Validation Workshop, Permanent Secretary for Rural and Development, Isoa Talemaibua, says the updated policy will help Fiji respond better to natural disasters and other emergencies.

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“This is why I am excited for what we are going to achieve, in the revision of the Humanitarian Policy as it will allow humanitarian actions in Fiji to be principled, coordinated and responsive to the needs of our communities when they are affected by disasters and other social disruptions, whether they be natural or manmade in the nature.”

The revised policy encompasses fifteen key thematic areas contextualized to Fiji’s unique circumstances, reflecting a collective effort to refine and enhance the nation’s approach to disaster risk management.