Resignations and ageing infrastructure at Tavua Hospital

January 12, 2024 4:53 pm

Tavua Hospital

Tavua Hospital presented a series of challenges to Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad, shedding light on the critical issues faced by the healthcare facility.

During his tour, Prasad engaged with doctors and nurses to gain firsthand insights into the struggles they endure.

Senior District Medical Officer, Dr Renita Mahara says the hospital experienced a significant setback last year with the resignation of 20 nurses, 4 doctors, and a lab technician.

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[[Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad during his tour of the Tavua Hospital]

Mahara says this sudden departure placed immense strain on the hospital, impacting its ability to provide essential services to the community.

She says they had come up with solutions to cater for the more than 20,000 population at the Gold Town.

“So for our short term plan like we are blessed to get the intern nurses so they are like feeling in the gaps but for others we are lucky like the post is like for doctors and like extra technician we are currently like still struggling but the post is getting filled fast but the other thing is like the responsibility increases for each individual.”

Another critical issue highlighted by Dr Mahara was the ageing infrastructure as they are the only Sub Divisional Hospital for Tavua.

In a day they see approximately 100 patients.

[Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad]

She says the Nadarivatu health center is the other nearby facility.

Addressing the concerns raised, Deputy Prime Minister Prasad assures the hospital staff that healthcare remains a top priority for the government.

He emphasizes their commitment to addressing the challenges faced by Tavua Hospital and underlined ongoing plans to bolster the healthcare sector.

Prasad adds that the dedicated efforts of the healthcare professionals are paramount, and they recognize the strain caused by the recent resignations.