Rakiraki sees improvement as flood waters recede

February 1, 2024 12:35 pm

Rakiraki Town

After enduring heavy rainfall that caused flooding in several areas, residents of Rakiraki are finally witnessing a glimmer of relief as the rain ceases and flood waters begin to recede.

The recent weather shift has brought a welcomed change, with the sun now shining brightly in the skies above.

Rakiraki Town Council CEO Sailosi Sawana says numerous areas within the town, previously submerged with water, are now experiencing a decline in water levels.

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However, Sawana says that the cleanup efforts cannot commence until all affected areas are clear of flood water.

Despite the improving conditions, Sawana notes that some areas remain inaccessible by light vehicles.

However, he expresses confidence that accessibility is likely to improve as the weather continues to clear up.

Sawana adds that big vehicles are now accessing Naqoro flats.