PM warns of impending drug trafficking surge

March 3, 2024 7:53 am

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has sounded a stark warning about the escalating threat of drug trafficking and consumption within local communities.

Recent significant drug seizures of over three tonnes of illicit drugs, predominantly methamphetamine in Nadi, and the confiscation of 12 kilograms of cocaine in Lautoka, highlight the pressing challenges faced by Fiji.

Rabuka emphasizes the critical importance of addressing drug consumption, shedding light on the potential surge in drug trafficking activities.

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The Prime Minister notes the looming threat of Fiji becoming a transit point for the global drug trade.

“I am concerned and the depth of the effect or the influence of that in Fiji. We only looking at the interception of that big stock. How much of that has been consumed or used by the population of Fiji.”

Rabuka adds that Methamphetamine, a particularly prevalent substance, has dominated the illegal drug landscape in Fiji, posing severe risks to public health and safety.

“How much of this is in transit from Fiji or from the source to the final destination. The biggest worry is how much of it of it being used in Fiji and that is what we must combat.”

Investigation reveals a complex landscape where Fiji faces not only the internal challenges of drug consumption but also the external pressures of potentially becoming a hub for international drug trafficking.