Commission battles surge in cyberbullying cases

February 6, 2024 12:24 pm

Last year, the Online Safety Commission received over 1000 complaints with cyberbullying emerging as the predominant issue.

This, according to Acting Online Commissioner Tajeshwari Devi.

She emphasizes the Commission’s efforts to counter the escalating trend of online abuse and notes successful content removal from platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

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Devi reveals that online bullying constitutes 29.1 percent of reported cases, while defamatory comments and posts make up a significant portion at 21.56 percent.

Acting Online Commissioner Tajeshwari Devi

The concerns also encompass impersonation, fake accounts and online stalking.

“Facebook accounts for a staggering 57.58% of reported incidents in 2023. Closely followed by TikTok at 15.95 cent. Other platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, email, messenger and Instagram also contributed to this alarming trend.”

Today as Fiji celebrates Safer Internet Day, Devi stresses the urgent need for a safer digital space and expresses dismay at the gender disparity in reported cases with women accounting 61.44 per cent compared to men’s 38.56 percent.

Highlighting progress, Devi notes that 67.41 percent of reported cases have been closed through actions like META and TikTok removals or referrals to authorities like the Cyber Crime Unit for further investigation.

Australia’s Acting Deputy High Commissioner Andrew Shepherd

The Commission remains committed to fostering a secure digital environment for Fijians exchanging knowledge and best practices to address emerging challenges in digital media.

Australia’s Acting Deputy High Commissioner Andrew Shepherd emphasizes collaborative efforts with Fijian partners to prevent and prosecute cybercrime along with raising community awareness of cyber threats.

“The proliferation of online scans, data privacy and protection and cyberbullying are just some examples that we hear about in Fiji.”

Safer Internet Day, an annual event promotes the safe and responsible use of digital technology.