Call for iTaukei financial institution

June 8, 2023 6:12 am

Former bank officer Waisale Tuidama of Nailega village calls for the establishment of a financial institution to cater to landowners’ investment needs.

Nailega villager made the suggestion to the Great Council of Chiefs Review Committee.

He claims that operating financial institutions in the country have really not catered to the needs of landowners, particularly those in rural settings.

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He has also called on existing iTaukei financing institutions should even start providing loans for landowners if they need more development and investments.

“Fijian Holdings Limited, the iTaukei Land Trust Board, and the iTaukei Development Fund continue to generate income, so there is a high possibility for them to facilitate loans for iTaukei. The commercial banks hardly lend money to landowners, so the GCC really needs to establish a bank.”

Tuidama further states that developing land for villagers requires loan to for the purchase machines and cultivation purposes.