Nadi businessman wants technical colleges back

January 10, 2024 7:15 am

A Nadi businessman has urged the government to consider reopening technical colleges, emphasizing the potential positive impact on preparing individuals for the job market.

In a public consultation held in Nadi last night, Raj Chand voiced his concern over the workforce shortage and proposed to Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad that having technical colleges could be a solution.

Chand states if the government opens the technical schools, then there will be people who will be ready for the workforce.

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“Now, if the government opens up the technical schools, then we can have bring people. We understand people, most of them will migrate, but some will stay here, and that will solve our problem.”

Responding to Chand’s proposal, the Deputy Prime Minister expressed dissatisfaction with the previous government’s decision to close technical colleges.

Prasad asserts that the technical schools had previously played a crucial role in producing graduates who seamlessly transitioned into the Fiji National University.

He says they have a plan for this.

“So what we did last year, we not only encouraged new entities like the Pacific politics, which has rescued some of those technical colleges, but we are also saying to universities like FNU to revamp the TVET education. We are doing a needs assessment. I think employers are being asked to fill the forms.”

The public consultation serves as a platform for community members to voice their concerns and contribute to shaping policies aimed at strengthening the country.