More action needed: Lal

March 28, 2024 6:36 am

[Photo: Supplied]

Academia Dr. Padma Lal commends the Pacific Recycling Foundation for its advocacy efforts in waste recycling and acknowledges its role in changing the waste management landscape in Fiji.

Dr. Lal stresses the vital role played by the collection pillars, whom she calls the backbone of the recycling sector.

“PRF has been very very successful in raising the profile of recycling and our CPR, who are actually the backbone of the recycling industry, but for too long we have not recognized that role.”

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Dr. Lal stresses the need for more decisive action while appreciating the efforts made by the government and other groups to implement recycling laws and regulations.

She urges a change in focus from advocacy to execution, stressing the significance of doable actions to successfully solve waste management issues.

Dr. Lal is urging the public to take more active roles in waste management, emphasizing the importance of translating advocacy into action.