MoH focuses on workforce expansion and promotions

February 2, 2024 6:42 am

The Ministry of Health is in the process of expanding its workforce and creating additional positions in key areas within divisional hospitals.

Minister Dr Atonio Lalabalavu reveals that this is because certain positions have been stagnant for over 20 years, which is unfair on those who are carrying out work beyond their limits.

He adds with the increasing population in the country, it is vital to ensure staff are fairly compensated and positioned in the healthcare sector.

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Dr Lalabalavu confirmed that they have received submissions from divisional hospitals in this regard and it is one of the priority areas for the ministry.

“But going around, we found the need that this should be a priority in the next financial year that we need to improve the numbers of the people that we serve, the communities there.”

The Health Ministry is currently focusing on ensuring fairness in staffing and strategic placement that will help boost their services.