Tian Lun Investment lease denied

June 6, 2023 4:50 pm

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources has refused to extend the development lease for Tian Lun Investments PTE Limited in Nasese, Suva.

This was confirmed by the Minister for Lands and Minerals, Filimoni Vosarogo, in a letter to the legal representatives of the company.

Vosarogo says this because the company has breached the conditions of the lease by failing to honour special lease conditions.

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These  includes failing to obtain sub-divisional approval of the scheme plan within six months of the date of issue of this development lease.

The Minister says the company also fails to obtain approval for the engineering plan within nine months of the date of the issue of this development lease.

He adds that the company also fails to commence site and construction works and all other necessary works within 12 months of the date of the issue of this development lease.

The Tian Lun Investment also fails to submit the development plans to the lessor and Suva City Council for prior approval before the commencement of any work.

The Ministry highlights these conditions as a reminder to all current development leases for state land that any such breaches will face a similar fate.

Vosarogo also stated that since taking office, a serious and deliberate disregard of cabinet directives was made by the previous government when it issued the lease of the said land to Tian Lun Investments PTE Ltd., knowing that they had not rescinded a previous decision not to allow that land to be used other than for state use.

He adds that if there is any impropriety or irregularity involved that may be criminal, the matter will be reported to an investigating authority.

The Tian Lun Investment was granted a five-year development lease over 36 hectares of state land in September 2018, which includes a $600 million Nasese foreshore hotel or tourism development project.