Ministry must receive adequate resources urges consultant

March 9, 2024 7:38 am

Dr. Rajen Prasad

The success of the Multi Ethnic Affairs Ministry’s crucial work hinges on receiving adequate resources.

This has been revealed by Dr. Rajen Prasad, a consultant instrumental in drafting the proposed framework for the new Ministry.

Dr. Prasad, who played a pivotal role in formulating the Ministry’s proposed framework, identified this as one of six critical priorities necessary for the Ministry to effectively carry out its responsibilities.

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The Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs, which has been dormant for the past 13 years, is now poised for revival.

Dr. Prasad emphasized the necessity of ensuring that the Ministry is appropriately staffed with the right individuals possessing the requisite skills and expertise to navigate the complexities of multi-ethnic affairs in Fiji.

He also highlights the importance of engaging in meaningful consultations with Fijians as the Ministry endeavors to chart its course forward.

“You go and develop trust and respect. You make sure people are recognized, people can participate, people are included, people know that they have a place and government responses to them well.”

Dr. Prasad highlighted the high expectations Fijians have placed on the Ministry following extensive consultations.

He emphasized that the Ministry’s success is paramount in fostering unity within Fiji, given the diverse nature of its population.

The proposed framework, meticulously crafted with input from stakeholders, was officially handed over to the Ministry today.

It is slated to be presented in parliament for endorsement, marking a significant step towards the revitalization of the Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs.