Ministry looks at teacher pay issue

June 10, 2024 6:37 am

Permanent Secretary for Education Selina Kuruleca highlights the need for increasing teachers’ salaries and reveals that talks are underway with the government in this regard.

This comes as the Fiji Teachers Union and the Fijian Teachers Association have called for a 30 percent increase in teacher salaries, and if their demand is not met, they are threatening to go on strike.

Kuruleca says they are aware of the potential strike action.

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However, she stresses effective dialogue between relevant stakeholders on the matter is critical.

“From the conversations we’ve had that the ministry of finance the ministry of civil service is looking at across the board civil service salary increments uh and because of that we continue to just actually please continue to dialogue.”

Kuruleca says while considering funding constraints for this request, they will be exploring other means of compensating teachers.

“We also know that compensation or money remuneration will not always happen because we don’t have no money so we are working with MCS on other possibilities including medical insurance for family’s flexi hours we’re looking at a gradual salary readjustment.”

The Education Ministry is expecting positive outcomes from these discussions that will enhance Fiji’s education system and its workforce.