Mini Budget 2022

Suspension motion passed

March 24, 2022 9:30 pm

Leader of Government in Parliament, Inia Seruiratu [Source: Parliament of the Republic of Fiji]

The Motion moved by the Leader of Government in Parliament, Inia Seruiratu has been passed.

The Suspension motion moved by Leader of Government in Parliament, Inia Seruiratu included standing order 68(1) to exempt the revised budget response from Shadow Minister for Economy and the right of reply from Minister for Economy from the ordinary speaking time limitations.

He adds the suspension of standing orders 102,104 to 108 is to expedite the 2021/2022 revised budget process through parliament.

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Seruiratu says the process needs to be expedited as urgent and decisive action is needed following the impact of the pandemic.

During the debate Opposition Whip, Ro Filipe Tuisawau says the last-minute flying minutes is not a good move.

Ro Filipe claims the parliament process has been high jacked.

He adds the 2021/2022 mini-budget is a revised budget and needs thorough discussion however, this has been restricted.

Ro Filipe says the suspension motion does not give Opposition empowerment to debate.

He adds the opposition is dissatisfied and insulted with the act where by the business committee had not approved the date and the Economy Minister had already issued a statement on the dates for the mini budget announcement.

In response Leader of Government in Parliament, Seruiratu says it’s not about ambushing the Opposition as there is a need to get this done and flexibility is allowed in the Standing Orders.

He adds they are not breaching the Constitution.

During the debate Opposition Members did not support the motion as Opposition MP Inosi Kuridrani claims the revised budget is to legalize the election campaign by Government.

Furthermore, Miteli Bulanauca once again talked about evil spirits in his argument.

However, Seruiratu says as parliamentarians they should serve the people of Fiji and not talk about the General Election.

He stressed the mini budget is about Fijians.