More water cuts as residents claim no notice

April 24, 2024 4:46 pm

A significant number of Fijians in the greater Suva area have been left in the dark yet again, as they continue to experience uninformed disruption in the supply of water.

FBC News has received complaints from residents in areas served by the Tamavua Water Treatment Plant, claiming that there is an issue at the facility, but they have not been informed by the Water Authority of Fiji.

There has also been no public notice issued about the latest water woes, with the last post on the WAF Facebook almost five days ago.

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Consumers claim that calls made to the WAF customer care, they have been informed that there is an issue with the Tamavua plant.

The residents’ plight for a solution to the ongoing issue remains unsettled as the latest cuts start around 8pm, when many are still arriving home from work.

Indar Bisun

Advisory Councilor, Indar Bisun says the issue has created a lot of inconveniences.

“Water is not only for drinking and cooking, it is also for our sanitation for washroom – we have got flush type of toilets here and that is another issue. If there is a water issue at home, life is not that good – there will be a lot of problem in the house.”

The residents’ share that no one has been spared by the water cut as it affects people of all ages in almost every aspect of their life.

Renuka Devi

Renuka Devi of Tamavua says the issue often disrupts their daily tasks.

“We are facing a lot of difficulties like during our cooking. Sometimes, when we wake up in the morning there is no water. So … our kids going to work without food or going to school without food, uniform not washed. Even the washroom very hard to use. Nearly one week, we are not receiving water.”

David Deo

Tacirua’s David Deo says the situation has caused a lot of frustration.

“It is really affecting, the small kids here. The children here are going to school, morning time we do not have water – they do not have their shower to go to school. It is really affecting.”

The residents of these areas have been left with no choice but to take risks as they resort to untreated water and rain water, leaving their lives at stake.

FBC News has approached the Water Authority of Fiji regarding the matter, but they are yet to respond.