Moss bags two silver medals

April 24, 2024 4:01 pm

Team Fiji swimmer Marselima Moss [Source: Fiji Swimming/Facebook]

Team Fiji swimmer Marselima Moss clinched a silver medal in the women’s 400 meters freestyle race at the Oceania Aquatic Championships in Gold Coast, Australia.

Moss went on to win another silver medal with the women’s 4×100 meters freestyle relay team alongside Mana Thoms, Patricia Verebasaga and Imelda Smith.

Team Fiji achieved some good results in the pool with Kelera Mudunasoko claiming a bronze medal in the women’s 50 meters breast stroke.

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The men’s 4×100 meters freestyle relay team of Ma’Kuiti Serevatu, Eric Tokona, Don Younger and Reuben Taylor also settled for the bronze medal.

[Source: Fiji Swimming/Facebook]

Swimmers Alfred Cornish, Vivita Bai, Livai Raviko, Mana Thoms and Theola Kwong put up impressive performances to reach the finals of their respective events and achieve personal best times.