FTRA acknowledges teachers resignation

April 25, 2024 6:17 am

[File Photo]

The Fiji Teachers Registration Authority acknowledges that teacher resignations have increased post-pandemic as teachers seek greener pastures for work.

FTRA Chief Executive, Sangeeta Singh, says that they have approximately 16,000 registered teachers teaching both at the Ministry and private schools, including academics at teacher training institutions.

Singh says they only deregister teachers when they resign or have expired registrations.

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The FTRA CEO states that extreme migration is also leading to teacher shortages.

“Soon as the students at USP and FNU submitted their audit letter with the official transcript or completion letter with the official transcript, we have already offered them or granted them teacher registration under the provisional category provided they attended the FTE induction workshop and were successful in the assessment.”

Singh says that new graduate teachers have already been offered registration under the provisional category, provided they attended the induction workshop and were successful in the assessment.

However, the FTRA CEO says that they are not expecting a huge surge in the number of new registrations after these two graduations because the majority of them are already in the system.