Coral reef survey highlights urgency for ocean conservation

April 25, 2024 5:44 am

[Source: Supplied]

A nationwide coral reef survey under the Blue Prosperity Fiji program has been hailed a success.

As part of the survey, divers studied coral reef habitats at 272 locations across Fiji.

Permanent Secretary for Environment Dr. Sivendra Michael says the findings reveal a decline in coral health and fish ecosystems, as a direct result of ocean acidification and increasing temperatures.

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Dr Michael says this elevates the importance of safeguarding our oceans.

He says they will share this information back with communities to strengthen their knowledge and promote stewardship amongst all community members.

Dr Michael says having these conversations are critical and can shape decisions around nature-positive investments for communities pledging to protect marine areas.

He made the comments during a meeting with the Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations, Filipo Tarakinikini and Founder & Chair of the Waitt Institute and Waitt Foundation Ted Waitt.

Discussions were centered on the Blue Prosperity Fiji program and the status on the implementation of Fiji’s National Oceans Policy.

Blue Prosperity Fiji is a partnership between the Government and the Waitt Institute, aiming to support the Fiji National Ocean Policy for sustainable ocean management.

Waitt indicated that Fiji is the first country to commit to protecting 30% of their waters and have the opportunity to lead the rest of the world in sustainable ocean management.