TLTB undergoing reforms says Vasu

April 24, 2024 4:30 pm

Minister for iTaukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu says the iTaukei Land Trust Board has implemented a series of reforms aimed at enhancing its operations and strengthening its relationship with iTaukei landowners.

The Minister is responding to a media report which says that the TLTB was out of touch and disconnected from many land owning units as stated by the Great Council of Chiefs review team.

Vasu acknowledged these concerns stating that there are significant improvements and positive changes happening at TLTB since the extensive public consultations on the GCC were conducted.

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Minister for iTaukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu [Source: Ministry of itaukei Affairs/Facebook]

He says reforms are focusing on improving transparency, increasing responsiveness, and fostering greater inclusivity in decision-making processes.

He adds the changes are part of an ongoing effort to ensure that the TLTB serves the iTaukei community effectively and with the utmost respect for their rights and needs.

Vasu says the Great Council of Chiefs supports these efforts and will keep providing strategic advice to guide the TLTB towards a future where it can serve as a model of good governance and strong landowner relations.