Shortage of midwives emerges again

April 25, 2024 12:36 pm

The shortage of midwives is an issue that is gradually emerging in the health sector, as these specialized nurses depart for attractive offers in other countries.

This has been an issue that has plagued the country as many leave for greener pastures, leaving a gapping hole in the sector here.

Fiji Nursing Association President, Dr Alisi Vudiniabola conveyed her concern on the matter, saying that this is a loss for the health sector in Fiji.

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“What used to happen before, we used to lose our midwives the older ones would leave for other islands when they retire – but now we are losing fresh out of school midwives, they would just practice for a year and they are in the Cook Islands and they are everywhere.”

Dr Vudiniabola says other factors that contribute to the shortage of midwives include the limitation of students in the midwifery programme, as well as midwives who advance to be nurse practitioners.

She says it is an issue that requires urgent attention, before it worsens.

The FNA President believes that nurses will never be comfortable with what they have been offered in Fiji, but they are hopeful that continuous improvement in their work condition will hinder the exodus of nurses.