Ministry stresses Labour Standard compliance

April 25, 2024 6:36 am

The Ministry of Employment has issued a firm directive to employers, emphasizing the importance of adherence to Labour Standard Services.

This has been highlighted by Minister Agni Deo Singh while responding to questions about the working conditions of apprentices, and possible exploitation through long working hours.

The Minister highlights instances of apprentices facing mistreatment, and exploitation, including long hours and inadequate compensation for the additional labor.

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Singh says to address these issues, the Ministry has implemented stringent monitoring measures to detect and penalize instances of wage violations.

“They can be warned, they can be given a notice, and then once they are given notice of seven days or whatever, and they are monitored again, and if they have complied, that is fine. But where there is persistent non-compliance or breach that is when they have to pay the penalty.”

Furthermore, the government has introduced incentives to support apprenticeship programs, including a wage top-up of $2, raising the total to $4.90 per hour.

The Ministry adds they will continue to enhance the financial stability of apprentices.