Minimum wage consultation hears of figures

April 25, 2024 12:43 pm

The Ministry of Employment’s consultations regarding the review of the national minimum wage have seen robust participation, with stakeholders voicing diverse concerns and suggestions.

Mediator, Tomasi Keni says they are happy with the turnout and the quality of discussions, particularly highlighting the engagement from the Western Division.

Keni notes that discussions have been constructive, covering a range of pertinent topics including overtime regulations, public holiday compensation, wages for casual laborers, union interests, and the grievance resolution process.

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He says of significant interest were the suggestions put forth by attendees regarding the prospective new minimum wage.

“Most of them have said it in figures thinking that this should be the national minimum wage of the country. One member of the public said it should be $10 an hour because of the cost of living. Some have gone down to as $5 and $8 what they are raising to the consultants.”

Keni emphasizes the importance of continued engagement, encouraging more individuals to participate to ensure a comprehensive understanding of public sentiment.

He stresses that a broader spectrum of feedback would facilitate informed decision-making regarding the new wage rate.

Also, part of the discussions are the independent consultants.

The team was in Ba, Rakiraki and Tavua yesterday.