Kava export booms, potential to tap in EU market

February 10, 2024 4:58 pm

Fiji’s kava exports have experienced a remarkable trajectory, with a nearly fourfold increase since 2015 says Permanent Secretary for Trade Shaheen Ali.

Ali says this surge demonstrates the industry’s significant economic potential and its growing contribution to the economy.

This growth was highlighted in a workshop exploring the potential for further kava exports to the European Union market.

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“Kava has also been growing in terms of trade. It was $8.8 million, our exports in 2015 and now its $40.7 million, so that’s like four times the growth so there is a significant potential in the industry.”

Ali says Fiji kava’s demand in the EU market is also growing.

“It is incumbent upon us to capitalize on this demand – it is not just the diaspora we want to sort of tap but also the European citizens as well because we think kava does give a unique sort of value to the consumers. But we need the necessary guidance, expertise and resources in order for kava to be exported the EU.”

Ali says they propose to work with the EU Delegation to strategically promote Fiji Kava, through targeted marketing campaigns.