International partnerships vital for border control

January 26, 2024 4:53 pm

Fiji Ports [File Photo]

The Australian Border Force highlighted the imperative to fortify international partnerships with Fiji’s border control.

This was emphasized by the Superintendent of the Australian Border Force Uriah Turner, during the celebration of the 2024 International Customs Day today.

Turner says Fiji is the hub of the Pacific and protecting its boarder is critical.

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“The border is a complex environment, and I think Fiji is a true case study for that given the large and vast maritime domain you’re responsible for as well as the overwhelmingly busiest international airport in this part of the world. The challenge with this is that customs cannot do it alone.”

Turner says it is important to embrace and adapt to new technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in border operations.

“We need to embrace the culture of knowledge sharing and pave the way for innovation and exchange of best practices through this we empower ourselves to tackle some of the emerging challenges, adapt to new regulations and start to harness the potential of technology.”

Acting Chief Executive of Fiji Revenue and Customs Service, Malakai Naiyaga, emphasizes that exchanging information with international partners is crucial.

“For customs partnerships with international and internal stakeholders are indeed crucial for effective collaboration and efficient organization. Establishing customs-to-customs partnerships and customs-to-business partnerships can facilitate seamless communications, information sharing and intelligence exchange.”

The border agency has been working closely with its neighbouring partners in recent years to strengthen the security at our port of entries.