Infrastructure is critical to attract investors: Nalumisa

February 17, 2024 12:01 pm

The upcoming Keiyasi new town development project [Source: Fiji Government]

Minister for Local Government, Maciu Nalumisa, says infrastructure is critical in attracting investors.

He gave example of the upcoming Keiyasi new town development project.

Nalumisa stresses the importance of providing infrastructure to support economic development.

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“I think the most important thing is to provide the infrastructure, which is something that we are doing now because part of the development is also to create some commercial centers, which are commercial spaces and also general industrial spaces.”

According to the Minister, the government aims to create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive in by investing in infrastructure, ultimately attracting investors to the area.

The Keiyasi new town development project is expected to be completed within 18 months.