Theatre shortage causes surgery delay

May 24, 2024 12:54 pm

[File Photo]

Out of the eight operating theatres at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, only four are operational.

The situation has led the hospital into a state of emergency and semi-emergency operations.

Health Minister Dr Atonio Lalabalavu acknowledges the ongoing issue, highlighting that the problem is rooted in structural deficiencies within the operating theatres and staff shortages.

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Health Minister Dr Atonio Lalabalavu

The Health Minister says he is working closely with development partners providing financial support for extra staff.

“We are grateful for development partners such as the Fiji Cancer Society. They’ve come on board and assisted the Ministry in paying for, in ensuring that they pay for time for nurses and doctors who are not rostered to do OT on call.”

Dr Lalabalavu says the Ministry is exploring the option of outsourcing some surgical procedures.

He adds efforts are underway to repair and revive the four non-operational theatres.

The Health Ministry remains committed to finding long-term solutions to restore full operating capacity at CWM Hospital.