Great service by Walesi says Kamikamica

April 22, 2024 4:25 pm

Minister for Communications Manoa Kamikamica who is tasked with investigating Walesi today, says the million-dollar government-funded entity is serving the country well.

FBC News asked the Minister about the update on the investigation and, at this point, whether he could confirm if Walesi would remain in operation or not.

Kamikamica says that for the investigation part, he will be getting an update this week.

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He says the technical evaluation has been done, and he is waiting on the auditor general to complete their work. Based on that, most likely, he will be writing to the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

On the question of Walesi’s operation, the minister says some evaluation will be done.

“The question is: how do we move forward with the modified version of Walesi or another alternative? We’ve just appointed a new board that has high-caliber technical people, some lawyers, and some accountants, and hopefully they can provide the guidance that’s needed to finally make the final recommendation about Walesi.”

Kamikamica says they are also aware that the platform is being used by other service providers.

He says a thorough evaluation is needed before any decision is made.