Government executives’ salaries under scrutiny

March 6, 2024 12:12 pm

The Constitutional Offices Commission has appointed an independent review committee to examine the compensation of government executives, expressing apprehensions about salaries deemed excessive and unjustified.

Attorney-General Siromi Turaga conveyed that specific concerns have been identified regarding executive pay and parliamentary measures are being pursued to rectify the issue.

The scope of attention, however, extends beyond executives as the Minister for Education purportedly advocates for increased salaries in the four-seven bracket.

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Turaga stresses the imperative to enhance remuneration for civil servants citing ongoing discussions to present the case for the Fiji Corrections Service at the upcoming Cabinet meeting.

“We felt as a government and I’m sure some members of the public will agree with us those salaries are way excessive, unjustified and we’ve asked what are the motives for that while some along the bracket are way down.”

In response to concerns about potential overpayment for underperformed work, Turaga highlights the engagement of an independent review committee by the COC.

This committee is tasked with comparing salaries to those of senior executives and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs).

The AG also referred to the imminent establishment of a High Salaries Commission aimed at addressing remuneration for all senior positions within the civil service.

Turaga says the COC anticipates that the Commission will complement its ongoing efforts once it becomes operational.