Government assures timely upgrade of roads

July 8, 2024 12:12 pm

The government has reassured residents along the Nasealevu to Savusavuitaqa road access in Macuata that the upgrade works will be done despite the current delays.

This follows concerns raised by residents and villagers to FBC News that not much work has been done following the approval of $275K in funds by the Ministry of Finance in April this year.

However, Divisional Planning Officer North Setareki Dakuiboca says that the funds will be coming in the next financial year, which is next month.

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He says that they will have to consider all aspects of the development and upgrade work with other stakeholders for the road project.

“Again, we need to follow due process in terms of working along with the procurement office, Ministry of Finance, because at the end of the day, funds need to be utilized wisely.”

The road upgrade to the area, including Nasealevu and Viriqilai and other nearby settlements, has been an ongoing issue after failing promises from past governments.

Meanwhile, the upgrade work was expected to be done by the Public Works Department.