Funds to support Frank Hilton Organization

July 11, 2024 4:50 pm

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has donated to the Frank Hilton Organization a total of $8,000 in funds raised from its recent Pacific Break Launch Concert.

Pacific Break, the Pacific’s biggest music competition, is held annually by the ABC and was launched for the first time in Fiji at The Beach Club, Wailoaloa Beach on June 29th.

The money is from the proceeds from ticket sales

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ABC Manager Rita Narayan handed over a $8000 cheque,  alongside representatives from Pacific Break event partners Spinning Village and Pacific Break broadcast partners Fijian Broadcasting Corporation.

Chief Executive Sureni Jayaweera of the Frank Hilton Organization says that the funds will support facility development.

“So all funds that are provided for us go into running the facilities, mainly the Hilton home. We receive a grant from the government towards the home, which covers approximately 30% of its total need. So everything else food and nutrition, caregiver support, medication, equipment all of that requires fundraising.”

Jayaweera adds that donations play a crucial role in addressing the organization’s challenges and they are grateful for the support from stakeholders.

“Will directly impact the lives of these children within the homes, as well as support our team to support families and other children within communities as well, so we are extremely appreciative and grateful to the initiative of all the stakeholders and partners who gathered to fundraise for us.”

VTBOP Music Director, Tix Korocowiri, one of the stakeholders says their initiative is to give back to the organization by providing children with more arts-centric activities.

“At VTBOP Music, this is ingrained in our movement and the way we want to move forward, so we’ll be looking at other opportunities to not only give back to the Frank Hilton organization but other organizations, mainly concerning music and the arts.”

The Frank Hilton Organization is dedicated to addressing the needs of children with disabilities and their families by providing them with the required services.