Fiji needs drug and alcohol rehab facility: Volatabu

January 30, 2024 12:46 pm

[Source: Verywell Mind]

Drug Free World Fiji Founder Kalesi Volatabu is calling for a dedicated drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in the country as according to her there is lack of support for those struggling with addiction.

According to Volatabu, the Saint Giles Hospital serves as a catch-all for various mental health issues, including substance abuse.

The Hospital averages over 20 such admissions per month, with the recent case of a 14-year-old patient highlighting the worrying trend of addiction impacting younger demographics.

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“You can’t put other rehab, medical needs with drug and alcohol patients. That can’t work, you can’t marry the two, and you can’t put the two together because those guys need specific and independent n isolation on their own.”

Volatabu says there is an urgent need to deal with the situation.

“My plea is how many more people do we have to lose, we want Fiji to be still seen as the warmth friendly island of the Pacific, not the narco island of the Pacific so the urgent need is now, not tomorrow, not in another five to ten years’ time because Fiji is different.”

Volatabu says a dedicated facility with specialized programs and support groups can provide the individualized attention and recovery environment crucial for those who are struggling.