Fiji Met Services provides guidance for sugarcane growers

February 5, 2024 11:43 am

[File Photo]

The Fiji Meteorological Services has predicted a high chance of receiving above 100mm of rainfall between February and April in the sugarcane belt areas.

Fiji Met says, with a favourable spread of dry and wet periods, farmers should plan for land preparation depending on field and land conditions.

It also suggests that farmers should practice integrated weed management in fields to avoid yield losses.

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This is because weed infestation affects the germination of sugarcane crops and their development.

The Fiji Met advises that farmers willing to plant should start looking for seed cane of approved and new varieties in advance.

Growers are advised to adhere to weather forecasts when making plans for farm activities, including planting, fertilization, and weed control, as forecasts for 2-3 cyclones have been highlighted.