Employment Ministry to handle accident claims processing

May 24, 2024 7:44 am

Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh

The Accident Compensation Commission’s Interim Board has decided not to engage with Veritas Private Limited anymore, which has served as the commission’s claim agent over the years.

Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh says his ministry will take over the processing of claims related to employment and school accidents.

He says this decision is projected to save the government approximately $900,000 annually.

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“My ministry has the entire machinery to deal with workers’ compensation cases where the staff have undergone relevant training and standard operating processes, procedures are in place to deal with these cases effectively and expeditiously.”

Singh adds that the interim board has sped up the actual processing and has also approved payment for 264 pending cases.

“This comprises of 131 employment cases and 115 motor vehicle accident cases and 18 cases of school accidents. These are pending cases on ACCF have been resolved by the Interim Board and payment of $1,237,500 have been made to those that qualify under the No Faults Scheme.”

Singh says the Employment Ministry settled 208 cases in the 2022–2023 financial year, while for the current financial year, a total of 109 cases have been settled.