New Education PS ready to make a difference

May 31, 2023 4:50 pm

New Permanent Secretary for Education, Psychologist Selina Kuruleca.

The new Permanent Secretary for Education, Psychologist Selina Kuruleca, says she is humbled by the appointment.

Kuruleca says her focus will be to see that children get the best access to education, while assisting teachers with their work.

She says while huge challenges lie ahead, these challenges present opportunities for her to do her best.

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Kuruleca says she will rely on support from her senior managers in the ministry and government to get the job done.

“A lot of people rely on me to do really, really well, and I promise I will do the best I can. I was told it was not easy; it was really difficult because, you know, there were a lot of really good candidates, really good people, very able people who can lead, and you know, to come out at the top, I’m just humbled.”

New Permanent Secretary for Education, Psychologist Selina Kuruleca. 

Kuruleca is calling on parents to give their full support.

“We must partner with our teachers; we must partner because the teachers are here for the academic schooling, but the basic manners, the importance of staying in school, the importance of respect, and the importance of traditional knowledge all start at home. The importance of values and morality all starts at home, so I just want to call on parents; this is a new beginning for all of us.”

Kuruleca has thanked Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka for endorsing her appointment.