DPM urges MPs to unite against division

March 11, 2024 4:41 pm

Deputy Prime Minister, Manoa Kamikamica

Deputy Prime Minister, Manoa Kamikamica, today requested members of parliament to stop sowing seeds of division.

In his response to the President’s speech, Kamikamica took heed of Ratu Wiliame Katonivere’s plea to guard against unscrupulous politicians who wish to sow divisions in Fiji.

Kamikamica says there is no place in the August House and in the new Fiji for those who have such intentions.

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“When we look at His Excellency’s most gracious speech in totality, Madam Speaker, it is really talking about rebuilding Fiji, from infrastructure, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, speeding up the green transition, updating legislation and so forth.”

Kamikamica claims that due to the mismanagement of the previous government over the last 16 years, Fiji has an unsustainable debt issue among others.

“We have a massive drug problem in our country. We have a broken down health system in our country, an education system which requires work, etc.”

Kamikamica adds the coalition government has a major task ahead and they can only solve it by working together, starting from the August House.