Diabetes and hypertension grip young adults

January 21, 2024 4:39 pm

Diabetes and high blood pressure are prevalent non-communicable diseases reported daily at the Raiwaqa Health Centre, serving one of the largest urban populations, totalling 35,000 people.

Medical Officer in Charge Raiwaqa Health Centre Doctor Erum Samreen says there is a concerning trend indicating that an increasing number of young people are now being diagnosed with NCDs.

“NCD basically they are diabetic patients we are seeing every day. A lot of young people are coming in their 20s that we are seeing that they are suffering from high blood pressure.”

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According to Doctor Samreen, there is a pressing need for lifestyle changes to tackle these NCDs.

“Sedentary lifestyle is also playing a major role in this numbers when it comes to high blood pressure and diabetes so a lot of people are having very sedentary lifestyle. They are mostly on their phones, they are not doing exercises so we are recommending them to actually come out and do some exercise, 30 minutes of exercise.”

The facility recorded 12,000 cases of NCD’s last year with the majority of diabetes and high blood pressure cases.