Deo urge leaders to put their differences aside

April 21, 2024 4:25 pm

Pacific Recycling Foundation founder, Amitesh Deo, has made a call for people to preserve the environment as the world celebrates Earth Day tomorrow.

Deo says this is a call to leaders, especially those in the coalition government, to put differences aside and unite for the common good of Fiji, its environment, and its people.

The PRF founder says that Earth Day is a reminder of the need for a collective global unity to take deliberate, meaningful actions to look after the Earth.

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PRF founder, Amitesh Deo

He says people must acknowledge the difficult journey of advocating for the environment and the need for stability and sustainability to protect the world.

The PRF founder reiterates that as the Foundation changes mindsets and behavior toward best practices, it needs the same level of commitment from the government, the private sector, and development partners.