Decline in young women worries village

September 23, 2023 3:16 pm

Naroi village on Moala Island

There is a growing concern over a significant decline in the number of youths, especially young women, in Naroi village on Moala Island.

A recent visit by FBC News to the village revealed a striking demographic shift due to rural-urban drift.

Naroi Village Turaga ni Koro, Sefainai Cama says they are concerned with this trend.

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Cama says that women in their 40s are the predominant age group on the island, while only a handful of girls in their 20s remain.

“We have alot of boys but you will hardly see girls. Most of these girls when they leave for further education to Viti Levu, they stayed there, and some even get married and stayed in Viti Levu.”

Cama highlighted that during village events and gatherings, it is primarily the women who take on the responsibilities, as a substantial portion of the younger generation of girls have chosen to relocate to Viti Levu.