Conflicting reports regarding school staff eviction

December 8, 2023 4:30 pm

[Source: Nasinu Gospel Primary School Ex Scholars/Facebook]

Teachers of Nasinu Gospel Primary School have told FBC News that they have been forced to vacate the school premises.

A teacher claims that the head teacher and the school board have requested they vacate the premises as soon as possible, following a disrupted staff meeting.

She says the teachers have decided to remain in the school premises as they are still within the working hours of civil servants.

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The claims are that the head teacher refused to listen to the staff when transfer matters were raised during the meeting.

The staff claim there are other issues discussed that did not augur well with the head of the school.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary for Education, Selina Kuruleca, says transfer discussions for the staff of the ministry are still underway.

She adds that gospel schools are managed by the Gospel Board of Education, meaning that they own the property, stating that if they are doing a clean-up or survey, it is well within their scope.

She adds she is not aware of staff being told to vacate the premises.

Kuruleca adds all schools have been advice that the academic year officially ended today.

She opted to get more information before commenting further.