Committee reveals salary recommendations

May 23, 2024 7:30 am

The Special Committee on Emoluments has released its report on the review of salaries, allowances, and benefits of Members of Parliament, the President and Speaker, and the Parliamentary Retirement Allowance Act of 1989.

The committee, which was formed in July last year, recommends that the president get a salary increase to reflect that the post is both ceremonial and has legal decision-making authority.

The President is currently on a $130,000 non-tax salary, and the recommendation is to increase it to $185,000, also non-taxable.

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It also suggests that the Prime Minister gets $320,000. It says, as per the act, the Prime Minister is to be paid $328,750 but is currently being paid $263,000.

The Committee also recommends that the Minister for Finance be paid $200,000; the same applies for other Cabinet ministers.

At the moment, the Finance Minister is being paid $188,000, while as per the Act, his salary was supposed to be $235,000.

Other ministers are currently being paid reduced salaries of $160,000 and $148,000, respectively.

Minister Tabuya and her team have also recommended that assistant ministers get $120,000; this is an increase from $90,000 as per the act.

Currently, assistant ministers are being paid $72,000.

The recommendation suggests a massive increase in salary for the Speaker of Parliament, who is currently being paid $150,000, and the suggestion will be to set the new rate at $200,000.

The Committee says the Speaker is the head of the legislative branch of the government and that the role is important, adding that the salary should reflect the gravitas of the post.

The Leader of Opposition may also get a pay rise from $120,000 as per the act to $200,000.

The portfolio currently gets $96,000.

The Committee further recommends that other Members of Parliament get $95,000. As per the act, the salary is $50,000; however, they are currently being paid $40,000.