Committee calls for increased manpower

July 3, 2024 4:30 pm

Sailasa Boteanakadavu

Kadavu’s Crime Prevention Committee has called on the Fiji Police Force to increase its manpower in response to the prevalence of drugs within the complicated geography of Kadavu Island.

Committee Chair Sailasa Boteanakadavu believes the increased visibility of police officers will ensure efficiency in the delivery of service, complementing their effort to uphold the law.

Boteanakadavu says that increased manpower will also strengthen efforts to curb crime, especially the issue of drug trafficking on the island of Kadavu.

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“Only 22 personnel are serving on the island… I would like to request an additional six personnel to serve the province of Kadavu. We, therefore, ask the government to increase the number of police officers in the province of Kadavu.”

Boteanakadavu also emphasizes their elders’ vital role in paving the way for the younger generation through the empowerment of children in other activities.

The Province of Kadavu’s Crime Prevention Committee was established by the Fiji Police Force after the Kadavu Provincial Council meeting last year.

It is part of “Operation Vueti Sauca” by the Southern Division Community Policing Unit, supported by the 75 villages in the nine districts of Kadavu.