Climate Change

Climate change an issue for farmers

May 28, 2024 6:25 am

Climate change is a significant issue impacting farms across the country, and the farms in the Rewa Delta are no exception.

In response, the Ministry of Agriculture is conducting training sessions for farmers in Vunisei, Toga Rewa, focusing on sustainable farming practices to address these challenges, particularly on their dalo farms.

Farmer Semisi Kama emphasizes the importance of collaborating with the Ministry to receive the best advice and necessary assistance to tackle climate change impacts on their farms.

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“For the training that we had today, we were so grateful. Because we understand farmers, the full-time farmers, in their skills, in their knowledge, in their experience. There are things that they lack. Things that they need assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture. The type of manure, the type of soil. Even though we are known in the delta area of the soil that we always plant.”

Kama says the training will also help boost their production as they work to provide for their families.

These training sessions aim to equip farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to adapt to changing climate conditions, ensuring the sustainability and productivity of their farms.