Clean water for Yasawa village after years of struggles

April 11, 2024 12:29 pm

Twenty-two households in the village of Yasawa, Cakaudrove, will now be able to access safe, clean drinking water after more than 50 years of depending on rainwater and boreholes.

Minister for Lands Filimoni Vosarogo commissioned the $45,000 underground water project that will source water to 10 constructed taps within the village.

Yasawa is a remote village located to the far north of Vanualevu with no road access, and for so long, villagers, including women, have had to dig for water sources inland.

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Vosarogo acknowledges the collaboration between Rotary Pacific Water and other stakeholders, including the Ministry of Lands, in addressing the pressing challenges faced by the communities.

“This project is not merely about installing infrastructure; it is about empowering communities, enhancing resilience, and fostering inclusive growth. By harnessing the potential of groundwater resources, we are not only ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water but also laying the foundation for improved health outcomes, economic prosperity, and social cohesion.”

The Yasawa Village water project is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 6, which is providing access to clean water and sanitation.