Calls for parental dialogue on social issues

February 19, 2024 6:48 am

The Fiji Police Force and faith-based organizations are jointly urging parents to break the silence surrounding pressing social issues affecting our people.

They emphasize the importance of open dialogues with children about topics such as drug abuse, criminal activities, and sexual offenses, along with their consequences.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Sakeo Raikaci stresses parents play a crucial role in initiating conversations with their children about these urgent matters.

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“Have more time with your children. Have more time with the children. Try and minimize going. Commit yourselves to other engagement, drinking, grog, meeting other women or all those things. Have more time with your children.”

Fiji Council of Churches General Secretary Rev Simione Tugi has pointed out on the significance of addressing these issues at the grassroots level.

“The youth has been struggling and if we don’t do anything right now, then our future is not going to be very promising. We don’t take the serious thing seriously.”

The police force also reveals the urgency of addressing the recent instances where children have been directly or indirectly involved in drug trafficking.

They highlight the necessity of a comprehensive societal approach to tackling these issues.