Biologist emphasizes on Shark conservation

January 11, 2024 8:44 am

[Source: Tom Vierus] (

The Shark Reef Marine Reserve serves as an important part of maintaining the marine ecosystem thriving.

Marine Biologist Tom Vierus says the aim is to protect the eight species of sharks that exist in Fiji waters.

He says the reserve that is situated in between Beqa Waters provides a refuge for the critically endangered species.

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“In Fiji’s Shark Reef Marine Reserve there are 8 different species that you can encounter there and while none of them are Critically Endangered, some of them are Vulnerable, some of them are Near Threatened and some of them are Endangered (as per the IUCN classification). So basically what the reserve does, it gives them a little safe haven.”

Marine Biologist Tom Vierus

Ocean Science Researcher from the University of the South Pacific Dr Kerstin Glaus says involving the community in this conservative effort is vital.

“And we also have to include local communities, people who depend on the marine resources so that everybody is on board and that actually people realise that we are not against each other but we all should share the same overall working goals that our oceans are still alive and with a lot of biodiversity.”

Shark Conservation efforts have been fortified since the Shark Reef Marine Reserve Act was gazetted in 2014 and stakeholders are trying to create awareness about Fiji’s ecosystems.