BAF assists more than 300 MSMEs

January 13, 2024 12:10 pm

Business Assistance Fiji General Manager Ramesh Chand.

Business Assistance Fiji has received around 2,500 applications for the Business Support Grant over a period of three years.

The Business Support Grants have been designed to stimulate SME growth, innovation, access to finance, and investment in social inclusion and climate adaptation.

Business Assistance Fiji General Manager Ramesh Chand says so far, 250 applicants have been assisted through grants and 350 by subsidies.

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“So, like I mentioned, we don’t have a membership list, but we have a list of people whom we have assisted. So if we talk about subsidies, we have assisted about more 350 MSMEs.”

Chand says that the SMEs are already included in their database; additionally, their partner, Business Link Pacific, has initiated the Business Support Grant, adding to the overall support available.